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Some thoughts on film festivals

Does someone actually watch each and every film before selecting them? Me don’t think so. Maybe they make prisoners watch them. Like in Clockwork…hee hee.

Those people. Late teens, early twenties. Cool haircuts. Bohemians. Are film students right? Why do they leave before half the film is over. And these presswaale. Ten minutes into the film, and these guys are already making their way to the Kingfisher Lounge. I am not going to trust anything they write anymore.

What are Q&A sessions supposed to be like? I had this idea of filmmakers, critics,buffs grilling the director. Unfortunately, the ones I attended were like paper presentations in engineering days. You see, in my college (non-IIT) some people thought they were too smart to make their presence felt. Some were too dumb to understand anything. A large majority simply didn’t care. And the few that attended, had little or nothing to ask. One thing I am sure about, is that most directors were very eager to take questions. Do directors feel disappointed when 300 leave and six remain for Q&A? Or when the questions asked are pretty naive?

I am always surprised with the Indian films in these festivals. Apparently, better films are being made in India, but they are not being made in Hindi. That is no reason to disregard them. Each film that I saw spoke to me. Different languages and different states but so much in common with the rest of the country. My picks : Kaalchakra, Ratri Mazha, Naalu Pennungal, Ek Nadir Galpo, and my favorite Ami, Iyasin ar amar Madhubala. It was also nice to see some movies from the North East. Jaatinga Ityaadi was good, but kind of predictable and loose. Also this Manipuri film Morning and Dew, looked interesting but had to leave mid way.

In A Wounded Civilization (or maybe in An Area of Darkness), Naipaul writes about a book, Samskara. I can’t remember what he said exactly but he praised it. Since I liked his book, I thought it would be interesting to read a book he liked. I never did. I did not know that it had been adapted for the screen. Was excited to find it listed here. Saw it, was struck. How, just how did they manage to make film like that? In the 70s, goddammit.

Why do people sleep during a screening. Dude, if you are tired go home, take a nap and come back later. MUltiplex seats are comfortable but only to a certain degree. Definitely not a replacement for a nice soft bed.


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